Thanasis Triangles distort

Someone could help to rewrite this in kangaroo 2? (17.6 KB) (17.5 KB)

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I would love get more “distortion” when I decrease or increase the values, something goes wrong

the original file did the same

that’s all I did x)

this one is less naughty, but you still might want to do some house-keeping on these values - or just manipulate softly?
triangulargridwithrestforces_K2 (1).gh (49.7 KB)

yep you are right, what method could use to get more distortion @DanielPiker could help us

hehe I don’t think there’s a need to bother Daniel with this given there are plenty of similar examples online already, just a matter of fine-tuning your searching maybe, or fine-tuning the example you already have :smiley:

even if you choose to go with/without kangaroo, you could borrow from these threads:

In fact I got the file from that post well you rewrite in k2 but I need bigger triangles in attractor points to think a little :stuck_out_tongue: thank u