TF Urban Style Parametric Bench

Hi everybody! May I know what’s the approach to re create something like this bench (see link or attached image). Most of the parametric bench tutorial I see is like fins or sliced profile style… but this one moves (the profile, in this case circular rods) laterally along the entire length. Seat part is constant but the back rest has slope play. I appreciate the input, thanks for your guidance!

  1. TF Urban Bench 2. in context

More information about the source:
Designer: Lucile Soufflet

Hi - I changed this thread to the Grasshopper category since you used the word “parametric”.
Apart from that, it’s very hard to answer a question like that because it is way too general. For instance, what’s parametric about this?

If this is a Grasshopper question, at least try something and post the gh file when you get stuck somewhere.

Nice French bench, it is always better to give credits and source.
Tolerie Forezienne, they hired a designer to make more urban things. Designer is Lucile Soufflet.

There are not a lot of difficulties, here is a simple approach. Same number of rods, no rotation … But the idea is there. I don’t know your level but it seems that understanding Rhinoceros tools could help you.

tolerie forrezienne (18.1 KB)

tolerie forrezienne bench (30.3 KB)


I used tween consecutive curves from “Pufferfish” and “Human” for visualization. I’m sure there are many ways to do the same thing.



Hi, thanks for all the replies and for sharing your methods, very helpful! Cheers :beers:

Thank you so much for the information. I’m still a novice in Rhino & Grasshopper, it might take me a some time to decipher the flow. Thanks for lighting up a once dark path, now I have better direction.

In order to help
I model the global shape using curves (simple polylines) in Rhinoceros.
They are in planes parallel to XZ plane.
They are sorted in Y, then filleted then scaled in Y axis then lofted.
This approach allows you to modify the shape in Rhinoceros and view the effect of the changes.

Sections are then created

Then projected of XZ plane
Then moved along X (it allows you to change the diameter of the bench
These sections are then rotated with angle from 0° to whatever angle you want. Then lofted.

The rods are using ISO curve of the loft. There is just some test to suppress lower rods.

Section are also using ISO curve of the loft.
As Offset is not always reliable I offset in 2 directions then choose the low length curve (inner curve)
Then some extrusion parallel to the curve.


wow this is amazing, very helpful, thanks so much! I appreciate the time and patience. Stay safe and well.