Texturing a solid with a custom pictures

Hi guys I have a problem with applying a custom texture.

I tried to search the blog but with no results. (I have Rhino6) I have to apply a texture created by me on photoshop to a closed polysurface.
That was my workflow:

  • I drew the profile of a column
  • I extruded the profile
  • I unrolled the solid
  • I created a texture on photoshop (saved in png)
    I don’t know if I explained myself correctly … But how do I apply it to my solid? do you have an efficient workflow to do this?


attached some screenshots: the solid, the unrolled profile and the texture, just to make people understand the situation…and sorry for my English



[Senza titolo-1|355x500(upload://ixSftbsS5NK644nQ25XKKKepaBU.png)

Hello - see Help on materials and textures.