Textures when switching computer

I’ve 2 computer in 2 différents places.

When a model is created whith one I can’t open it whith the second one.
Textures are not found for Lands’ objects.

Is it possible to personnalise texture library folder?


Just a copy of the error message when i open the file…

Could you use Dropbox to sync a folder and nest that folder in the correct location using symbolic links?


Thanks for your answer.

What do you mean by “symbolic links”?

I have a syncronised folder on a server that I use for Vray textures and other but during installation or in option menu I didn’t see how to change Lands’ texture folder…

Symbolic links ‘trick’ the computer that one folder (d:\Textures) actually lives somewhere else (c:\users\person\dropbox\textures)

In this case I’d link the default lands texture folder to a folder in Dropbox on both computers, then anything saved into the default texture folder would actually appear in the dropbox folder, and therefore be sync’d by Dropbox.

Google symbolic links and maybe do a test.

I used it for something similar for Octane textures in the past.

Someone with more knowledge or better vocabulary for these things could explain better?

Thank you very much for explanation
I’ll test it and go back

sorry for my bad english…