Textures in Viewport on old hardware


(Horia Spirescu) #1

Any way to see some textures using my old ati firepro m7740?
They wont show on either geometry picture frames (vray mats or rhino mats) nada
Otherwise Rhino runs smoothly…


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

@jeff, is this a card that still should be able to show textures in Rendered mode? It is Ogl 3.3 maximum .

(Jeff Lasor) #3

Technically it should work, yes…obviously it’s not…which can be for any number of reasons…

@horia.spirescu does any reading/displaying of image files work at all? Viewport wallpapers? Background Bitmaps? Image Backgrounds in display modes?

Go into Artistic mode, what does the background look like?
Poke the blue Render button in toolbar, does the Rhino Render produce the correct image?
What about Raytraced mode? Do you see the textures in that mode?

I suspect that certain shaders are either not working properly or they’re failing altogether.

Please try this…

Start Rhino
Run TestGLWarnings
Close Rhino
Start Rhino
Try your test(s) now and see if you get any error message popping up.


(Horia Spirescu) #4

Hei guys, thx alot for the fast answers.
I ran the test - no warnings. Everything runs smoothly EXCEPT for the picture frames and materials texture display in viewport… check this out (last image is a vray render and displays both picture frame and material corectly):



(Horia Spirescu) #5

Any hints? :slight_smile: @jeff

(Jeff Lasor) #6

I’m still scratching my head on this one… Trying to think of some other things you can try, but I may need to provide you with a private copy of Rhino that has some diagnostic checks in it… Please given me some time to think about this…and I’ll let you know when I have something.

Thank you for your patience on this one…it’s a very odd one.

(Horia Spirescu) #7

@jeff Its ok hehe. Just a few more hints: I am running Windows 10 Pro (fresh install) and Rhino 6. Display adapter drivers (the ones for the M7740) haven’t been updated (by AMD) since…2012 I think… Plus: Rhino 5 is doing the same thing/viewport issue and I was able to use it one this machine. (last time i did was aprox 3 years ago on win 7)

(Jeff Lasor) #8

Wow, that’s pretty old… I know of at least 3 pretty serious issues that AMD fixed in their FirePro drivers in 2014 and 2015… If V5 is showing the same problem, then I’m not too hopeful that V6 is going to do any better, as it really pushes the video card much harder than V5.

I’ll dig up an old FirePro and see if I can at least reproduce this…and then see if there is any hope in fixing it.

In the mean time, you might want to consider looking into a new computer :slight_smile:


(Horia Spirescu) #9

@jeff Yup, already buying a new machine instead of this one. Old hardware just gets obsolete after some time…So if it’s a pain to further look into this issue, forget about it :slight_smile: really appreciate your time/input though! Btw: not sure its the right place to ask but still-Whats the ideal system/hardware specs for Rhino 6 ? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

(Jeff Lasor) #10

Hi @horia.spirescu,

We tend not give out direct recommendations or specific brands of hardware.;…

That being said, what I usually tell users is this:

Get a latest and greatest computer with the best CPU you can afford.
Get as much memory as you can possibly fit into your new computer (I recommend at least 16GB).
Get one of the latest video cards from either NVidia or AMD (although the newer Intel GPUs are working with V6, we’re still seeing some issues with some of them, so for now I would avoid any kind of “embedded” graphics chip solution).
Make sure the video card has at least 4GB of memory (V6 will run with less, but the more video memory you have, the better/smoother V6 will run).
Get as big of an SSD (hard disk) you can afford… This will make everything run smoother and faster, not just Rhino.