Textures going missing/reshuffled in file

I would like to ask if there is a method to prevent rhino from loading textures out into a temporary folder? I have this issue where some of my files lose their original mapped textures after some time. I assume is because the temp folder is being routinely cleared by the operating system?

Hi Brian -

Rhino needs those files in some directory to be able to use them.
You could opt to not save texture files in the 3dm file. That way, you wouldn’t have Rhino unpack them to a folder when the file is opened but you’d have to keep track of all texture files yourself.

Have you modified the Renderer Development Kit.Settings.RendererSupport.AlwaysUnpackEmbeddedFilesToTemp advanced option?
If so, it is by design that the files are cleared from those folders when the 3dm file is closed.

Do you have a way to systematically reproduce this?

For question 2, my setting is on false.

For question 3, no I don’t. It happens once in a while, and the textures which go missing or gets shuffled is random, sometimes it happens for one or two, sometimes it happens for more.

Also, I figured I would mention here since I see you’re from the McNeel development team; For the Layouts panel, if you click into the listed layout to rename, and then right click the next layout (to open the menu), it crashes the program. I’ve reproduced this a few times already.

Hi Brian -

Please always start a new thread for unrelated issues.
That said, I was able to reproduce that and filed it as RH-68840.

RH-68840 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 20