Texture space

Good period of the day. When match texture on the box, it is enveloping all sides of the box.

I need the texture lays only on front side of the box. On another side of the same box I need to match other texture. Explain please in detail the method to do it.

If there is an answer to this it will blow my mind…

But It is my understanding that rhino doesnt have a similar feature to Max that allows for material face ID’s…

I’ve always had to explode then give each face its own texture then group.

In Rhino 5 there is the test command testPerFaceMaterial - usage explained here.
In Rhino 6 this is implemented as a regular feature.

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The way “explode\join the object”, after joining, delete the textures from all the sides and envelope the first texture on all sides.

Unfortunately the test command testPerFaceMaterial dosen`t work.
How I use it:

  1. Create box and plane.
  2. Match on plane jpeg (select plane-material-texture-color-jpeg)
  3. Type testPerFaceMaterial
  4. Select plane (object with texture)
  5. Select front side of the box (object without the texture)
    And nothing happened…

May be I do something wrong? Explain please detailed.

Well, as Pascal wrote:

This is a clunky, limited, unsupported (you don’t get to complain) , undocumented command
you don’t get to complain. :wink:

It probably doesn’t work on that box of yours because you need to select a surface of a polysurface. The box is likely an extrusion and as such doesn’t have any ‘surfaces’ (by that limited definition). Convert the box to a polysurface by using the ConvertExtrusion command and I think you will have more luck.