Texture problem with displacement map


i made a displacement map for this stone wall.
When I mapped the mesh the texture perfectly turned the corner, then I made the displacement map and the texture didn’t follow the displacement in the right way anymore.
Is there a problem of polygons number along the corner line?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Matteo - can you post an example, or send to tech@mcneel.com please?



sorry i thought i already did, yesterday i couldn’t upload it.
the mesh has a 2 x 2 cm grid, the displacement depth was set to 0.05.

(Brian James) #4

Hi Matteo,

I looked on our tech email and don’t see a file but this looks like a texture mapping issue. It could happen if the corners of the wall geometry were right angles for instance. If you fillet the edges slightly and then use a custom object texture map (Unwrap command or Properties panel>Texture Mapping) you can alleviate this stretching in most cases.


Hi Brian,
yes you’re right, the geometry is made by right angles, so i guess that is the problem.

i’ll try again using rounded angles,