Texture Plugin

Can you make a plugin that can express such a texture?
Do you have someone you can ask?

Hello - there is no tool in Rhino that can just make this in some automatic way, no. From what I see here, this looks, if it were to be modeled in Rhino, like a pattern that is made flat and rectangular and flowed onto a surface using FlowAlongSrf .


Is there a way to not prolong it?


Is there a way to pave the diamonds ?

Thank you, Andy

I made it as a plug-in

Which plug-in did you use?

Sorry, but I do not understand. There is a pave plug-in native to Rhino ?

What is “Original plug-in” ? The name of a plug- in ? Or …
Thank you.

Maybe a usb plugin?

How please did you add the pave diamonds?

I think I understand. Thank you.