Texture packing

Are there any texture packing features in V7 of do I have to do it manually?


Hello - what do you want to do? Textures are packed by default on polysurfaces, but that is likely not what you mean… do you mean UVEditor?


I guess I mean optimizing the UV map. When I unwrap the UV’s on an object in the editor, sometimes the maps are overlapping and not using the texture space efficiently. Is there a way to optimize this?

Hello- none that I know of, no. But if you have examples that are clearly wrong, please post them or send to tech@mcneel.com - it may be that with examples the developer can tune the process.


Thanks Pascal. Part of the problem I think was the type of mapping I had applied to the object. Once I had that right, the problem seems to have resolved. I was probably overthinking it - again!