Texture orient on

Hello community.
Is it possible to have an interactive connection with the base texture and target surface with it.?
What I have.
I need some advice or ideas.
I found Human tools but I didn’t get the result what I need

  1. I’m moving the green polyline
  2. splitting the base surface with texture
  3. use to FLow or orient or mapping for going to target surface

    Slab_texture.3dm (11.1 MB)

Thanks Yohanna, but i need the vector of movment or strategy for this.

this is a weird idea that just hit my mind using Kangaroo, but I think you are not interested in placing them “interactively and freely”

also, I don’t know how to bake them back into Rhino with texture :rofl: had too many gin tonics

Weird_Kangaroo_idea.gh (20.4 KB)