Texture names changed to rdk cache files

I’m trying to work with a purchased library of 3DS trees. The source files are in a library folder that’s separate from my project files but under a folder listed in Rhino’s file search paths. I import them into my model via drag-and-drop, and I find that after importing a few of them and making a copy of one, most (but not all) of the texture links have been changed to meaningless rdkcache links. What determines when it does that, how do I stop it?

Its a bug that I’ve never been able to repeat. If you do the same thing again, does the same thing happen?

The trouble I’m still having this is is unbelievable. Importing 3ds stock files, that to minimize potential hassles I put in the SAME folder as the target file along with all the textures. The first few seemed to work okay, then bam, all(well mostly )screwed up. I’m on a deadline here and fed up.

I would have to guess it has something to do with linear workflow, will test tomorrow starting over without it… Only other thought is that I’ve seen it less on my Win 7 home machine than on 8 at work.

Hmm just did a test at home with some simple clipart 3ds files…linear workflow off, they seem fine, whatever I do. Spin them, render, Neon, block 'em, scale. Turn linear on and import another 3ds (well the same one again)and in short order it looks like it’s starting to lose track of the textures, some material editor previews have turned black, but I can’t quite tell, because Rhino is suddenly thrashing the cpu hard and become incredibly sluggish?

Finally found a reproducible situation here…with linear workflow on import a 3ds file with textures, make a copy of it, the copy gets rdk cache textures and Rhino starts to go crazy, the material editor seems to get continuously refreshed(though Rhino is still pig-slow if it’s closed, turning linear off restores it.

Yep, linear workflow off, so far so good today.