Texture mapping's UVW repeat as bake attributes

Hi all,

I’m working on a project where everything is correlative. I’m using Grasshopper to create everything so that they are easy to modify and I can check the outcome in Enscape easily.

Thanks to HUMAN, I can bake everything with their layers and thus materials. The only one I cannot assign automatically is the texture mapping’s UVW repeat so that when I use Enscape, textures are not in the right scale.

Does anyone know if I can do it with HUMAN or any other plugins in grasshopper, or Python?


Have you tried the texture mapping components in Human already? image

Yes, I tried. But I didn’t figure out how to use them as attributes to bake. I think these components can only deal with meshes, right?

They can take in anything that can convert to mesh, and when you bake they come out as meshes. Does enscape not like meshes?

If you bake the resulting mesh from a texture mapping component, it will preserve its mapping properties.

Sounds good! I’ll try it to see if mesh works well in enscape. I’m also trying to do it in python. I’ll post it here if I come up with any solutions for nurbs.

Thank you for your reply!

Hi Andrew,

I worked on something else and come back to this project today. I figured out that my major problem is with the surface mapping cause I have some lofted surfaces that’s best mapped with Rhino 6’s default surface mapping. Is there any plugin or script to deal with the surface mapping’s tiling scale?

Thank you!

You’d have to set up a custom mapping for that… I don’t think my components have tiling options.