Texture mapping widget owner question

I have a file that I was trying to clean up a bit, and have found that I had some mapping widgets way far away from anything. Before just moving them willy nilly, is there a way to select a mapping widget and see what object it belongs to?

Somewhat related, I was trying to narrow down this relationship based on layer, but noticed all texture maps turned on in one mappingWidget operation will be on the same layer. I understand texture mapping widgets aren’t real objects that really have layers, but when a widget is selected, shouldn’t the layer it shows in Properties match the layer of the object that the mapping widget applies to?


Hi Sam, not sure if this helps, if the mapping widgets are visible and you select one of your objects there is a “SelectMapping Widgets” button in the object properties under Texture Mapping. This selects only the mapping widget(s) used for that object.

To make them all visible, select all objects and use the “Show Mapping” button before…


Hi Sam - that seems reasonable to me,… checking… Here, in the latest, a widget shows as being on its parent’s layer, or ‘varies’ for more than one. Are you seeing it/them being on the current layer?


Hi Sam,

Here is a script that should find the owner object based on the selected widget.
It’s a bit of a hack, but maybe as a start you can use it or modify it to automate your file cleanup process.

I don’t know any other good way to match widget with an object in Rhino. The other way around is easier and Clement’s suggestion should work.

FindMappingWidgetOwner.rvb (1.0 KB)


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Thanks @Clement for pointing that out, and thank you to @Jarek for the script!

@pascal - trying to cook up an example for you it is of course behaving the way it should now. I’ll try and dig through this file a bit and see what is going on.