Texture mapping aspect ratio, etc

  1. When we apply (say) planar mapping, how do you get the widget to maintain the aspect ratio of the texture ?
    (like the picture frame does, or the decal)

  2. When we apply a planar mapping that is smaller than the overall surface dimensions it defaults to tiling indefinitely, is there a way to keep it to one tile ? Similar to the OpenGL Clamp_To_Border
    (this is not about the “UVW repeat” option in properties).

Hi Thomas, i guess at creation time of the planar mapping it is totally unbound to a texture. After you’ve applied your texture, you can adjust the size and proportions of the planar mapping widget from the mapping properties by entering the image dimensions for U and V, then lock the XYZ size.

Then change eg. only the value for U until you have the size you like or transform the planar mapping widget proportionally.

Have you tried to enable the “Decal” checkbox in the texture properties ?



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