Texture mapping and "look" after last update

After updating to Rhino 6.13 some textures changed for me. It might be something I did but just wanted to check if anyone else is having the same problem. Texture filter is turned off in both cases, even though it looks like that is what has changed. This only affects objects with Box mapping.

Before update

After update

Hi Johann,

In SR13 we are now using mipmapping on all texture and decal mappings. This means that noise in the rendered texture is minimized, even when looking at the texture from far away, or at glancing angles.

From the picture is looks like you have a texture which is quite noisy, especially when looking at it from far away. Mipmapping alleviates this effect, just like our human eyes smooths out noise when viewing detailed things from afar.

If you want the bottom picture to look more like the top one, you need to increase the scale/size of the texture so that the noise detail is large enough to be seen from a distance, if that makes sense.


Hello David, I understand what you are saying.

In my case I actually liked that the distortion of having filter off, was not linked to the texture scale. It eliminates “tiling effect” when using high resolution textures. This way I have a nice “sketchy” look for direct image export from Rhino, and a nice high resolution texture when rendering, without having to change textures.

Would it be possible to somehow having an option of “distorting” the texture to get the old look? Or disable mipmapping?


Go to Tools -> Options… -> Rhino Options -> Advanced. Search for MipMapMode. Set the value to 0.

Does that work for you?