Texture mapping after trimming

Is there a way to preserve the ‘surface’ texture mapping of a surface after it is trimmed? My current workflow is to copy texture before trimming and assign it as a custom object mapping after trimming. This workflow is bad when I need to cut through 20 surfaces.
Can you help me find a better way?

Hello- can you please post and example file?


I noticed this problem doesn’t apply to a srf created by loft or sweep. It happens to srf or polysrf created by ‘offset srf solid’. Hope image is clear

220506-test to ss.3dm (4.1 MB)

Hello- surface mapping, the default - goes to the shrunken version of the object. What I think I’d do here is set the texture itself to use WCS/OCS and size it accordingly -

but your mapping object way is also good if the texture needs to flow along a surface.


Thank you for looking into this for me. However, this does not help because it makes surface mapping no different from box mapping.

Can you think of another workaround that would preserve the surface mapping ‘look’?

A workaround is to never do ‘srfoffset solid’ and do sweeps and lofts instead