Texture mapping 1:1?

I am trying to put a hog fence texture on planar surfaces of various sizes. I just want the hog fence to be 4"x4" spacing regardless of the size of the surface. Isn’t there a simple way to do this?

Hi Peter - if you set a texture to use ‘WCS/OCS’ you get to set the ‘real’ size.


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When I do that, the size is right unless, for instance, I rotate the part 45 degrees (on the world z axis), and then it’s distorted.

Hi Peter - in v7, you can use ApplyOCSMapping to the object - basically you set a local coordinate system to the object and the OCS uses that - then the mapping should follow the object.


I’ll try that. BTW, when I type OCS into help, I get nothing. What is OCS?

OCS mapping works great - thanks!

Object Coordinate System