Texture mapped on Viewport doesn’t match to VR (Unreal engine nor SimLab)

After creating custom material and mapping the corresponding texture the model in the viewport look as the following image

But using the SimLab plugin to view the model on VR does not preserve the texture mapped, the image is rotated 90º and it is not fitted to the unwrapped mesh. You can see the following image

The same happen if I export the model to the .udatasmith format and import it in Unreal Engine 5
Please, could you help me.
Thank you.

Wondering why you are having a custom object there as projector?

Have you tried with a simple planar instead?
Maybe there is something happening in the conversion/export process.

Also you can try to mesh the nurbs before export.

Custom object appears when I use UV editor in order to fit the uv mesh to the texture

I have just converted the surface to mesh but it does not work

I see… UV editor.

Haven’t used that much, always did more complex UV stuff in external apps.

I am still wondering that meshing before export does not work.

If you see it correctly in the rhino viewport, there should be a way to get it out.

ExtractRendermesh maybe?

It is weird, even exporting an obj file rotate the image. I import the obj file in Blender and the rotation keeps in it.
Thank you for your interest.

You say rotation is off,
Only rotation?

If you rotate the texture by 90 degrees it fits again?

That would hint at a transformation not being translated correctly. If so the uvs might actually be actually fine, but the texture is being mapped wrongly.

It is note only rotation, also scale and displacement