Texture in rhino

I received this rhino file with textures/material created. The material colour/texture is the same as in Vectorworks file used to create this. Can anybody tell me how these materials were created in rhino? They look ditto as vectorworks file.
I am sharing a link as the file is too big to upload


Hi Tika -

I’m not sure if that means that the file was created in Vectorworks and exported as a 3dm file from there.

If the file was created in Rhino, they probably used the Picture command (or drag-and-drop) to get an image file into Rhino as a plane. This creates a Picture material that can be assigned as the layer material.

To get other objects on the same layer to show the material in any display mode, you use the SetObjectDisplayMode command to change the display mode for these selected object to the Rendered mode. Under the hood, that is what the Picture command does.

Hi thanks for the reply. Is that the reason why the plan view shows everything in grey while the perspective view shows all the textures? due to tweaking in display mode?

Hi Tika -

The reason for this is that the SetObjectDisplayMode is viewport-specific.
When using the Picture command, the effect is visible in all viewports, but when manually tweaking this look, it’s only for the viewport that the command is run in.