Texture files duplicated in a directory for no reason

Why are the bitmaps of texture files being duplicated? I dropped a few library textures onto a model and I see that Rhino duplicated the bitmaps in the directory where the file resides. This should not happen worse some of the bitmaps are not used in the file but were just test material attempts and were undone then something else was tried

Hi RM,

Are you saving textures in the 3dm file either with the option in Options>Document Properites>Rendering or the check box in the Save As dialog to “Save textures”? That’s my first thought that would cause a a duplicate to be made when saving. The library textures are part of the language pack install for Rhino and won’t get changed or saved over if added to a material or environment.

Another command that may be useful to know (if you don’t already) is the Purge command to purge unused materials from the file. You may be saving textures in the Texture Panel for instance even though they aren’t in a material directly.

No neither of them are checked that’s why I was shocked to see this happen.
I’ll use purge for now and see if they come back. Thanks for the reply.