Texture Editor popup keeps showing

Texture Editor popup keeps showing every time I am adding a bitmap texture to new material in Rhinoceros 8.
When I create a new material and add a bitmap texture by clicking the yellow folder icon, an editing texture window pops up. It does not happen in Rhinoceros 7. Is it possible to stop it showing? Thank You

Hi @Triet_Nguyen ,

If you use the checkerboard icon and choose bitmap texture you won’t get the floating editor. I’ll check and see if the floating editor appearing when using the folder icon is by design. Alternately, you could use the Materials panel instead of the material section in Properties.

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Clicking the folder icon should show a file explorer dialog to select an image file.

The icon you have encircled in your screenshot is the lightbulb that controls whether the texture is used or not for that channel.

I don’t get the behaviour you show here in my Rhino 8 install on Windows.

Perhaps run the Rhino command _SystemInfo to see if there is any other info that could help us identify the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

edit: as far as I know the floating texture editor window you get only when double-clicking the texture in the Textures panel.

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Thanks for reporting. I see the problem. I will take a look at this.

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Created: RH-82013 Texture Editor popup keeps showing

Thank you very much