Texture changes direction in sections of wall

I have created a wall comprised of 4 sections, in Rhino for Mac.

In the two center sections, the texture looks great. In the two end sections, the texture turns vertical instead of horizontal. I have tried flipping u & v, grouping and ungrouping, etc. Can anyone help with this?

wall only.3dm (4.2 MB)


Thank you!

Not sure the texture uploaded. Here it is again.

a little tricky with those textures in rhino at least in mac rhino because everytime i change the texture i have to download the file again.

the best if you dont want to destroy the upper layer, this ribbon on top of the wall, is to copy the texture rename it, copy the image with a 2nd name and load this in again, then use UnpackTextures dont ask me what exactly it does i just read this up in a neighbouring thread. but it switches all vertical, then you have to edit the texture again and set it to 1 and 0,5 in the tiling that gets pretty close. see if that helps for now.

Thank you! I’ll give this a shot this afternoon!