Texture Adjustment Texture - Rhino 6 / Blend Texture

Is this still a feature in Rhino 6? It’s in the documentation.

I’m trying to create a texture where I have a mask as a base, which covers the entire UV domain domain of an object, and then the quilting repeat pattern to be multiplied over the top. But, i would want to still be able to control the tiling of the quilting through the separate, individual node for the quilt texture.

This is for a focused displacement - so the mask is where no displacement will take place, any more.

I thought it was Blend Texture. Or Tex Adj Tex.


Okay, so I managed it eventually. Blend was the right thing to use. Still a bit mystified about Tex Adj Tex. I want to try and keep my linking simple so it’s not confusing in future. As you can see below, it was rather messy at one point.


Am I doing instancing right? If anyone wants to take a look at the file, please ask and I will wetransfer it to you via PM. I’m not sure, for example, why the quilting design isn’t ‘shared’ in the two places it appears.

Result below. Quilting for a shoe part, quick and dirty UVs and texture painting in Blender. Displacement was done onto a mesh, no NURBS surfaces in sight. Just a test.

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