TextObject small interface bug: Changing layer during "pick point" doesn't work

Another small bug I noticed: When using the text object command it seems to remember the layer that was active before starting the command.
So when I want to pick a point to place the text object I realize I’m on the wrong layer. When I then change the active layer, the color of the point in the cursor changes to the active layer. But when I click to select a point to place the text object, the object I just created seems to be on the layer that was active before starting the textobject command. And not the layer I selected while placing the text object.

I believe this is standard behavior for all CAD

That doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense.

Also: When you do this in CurveBoolean (Edit: also in Offset) it does change to the current active layer and not the active layer when starting the command. So it’s inconsistent.

Making sense or not does not render this behavior as being a bug.
I would rather agree with devs’ decision to restrict changing layers when a command is active to make the software more stable.

Well, it should be consistent as much as possible, I tend to agree with @siemen that a tune up is in order here… I’ll get it on the pile.


if such behavior is developed I believe a lot of bugs will be introduced. Different commands treat objects differently some make copies others directly transform original objects.

The way I see it to make it stable all commands must have a boolean to keep original geometry or not. So that the result is moved to the newly selected layer.

Or of course mimic CATIA and create a tree-like structure of all objects, keeping all transformations and originals (with the ability to isolate), similar to grasshopper.