TextObject extrusions backward

Using the sample code for SampleAddTextObject, the letter extrusions are the correct thickness and in the correct order, but they are individually backward and not spaced correctly. Sometimes, characters are also slightly rotated around the view normal.

Any suggestions on what may be causing the backward extrusions or something that isn’t being set up correctly?

I integrated the sample code into a plugin, and have selected the active view using ::RhinoApp().SetActiveView() after finding the view I wanted (Front view) in the view list to replace the call to gp.View(). Stepping through the debugger, I can see the Front view go active during execution. Arial is the font used.

I did a redraw after creating the annotation to verify RhinoCreateText() was creating a good result. The issue seems to be happening in RhinoCreateTextObjectGeometry(). I’ve tried adjusting the input parameters, but without success.

Also, I adapted the code for curves and that works when using ON::object_type::curve_object instead of ::extrusion_object.

Hi @inetbob,

I’m not sure I understand “are individually backward and not spaced correctly.” Do you have a model you can share the shows this? The sample command seems to work as expected. If you have a refactored version that isn’t working correctly for you, feel free to post the sample code and we’ll see if when can help.


– Dale