TextEntity.CreateCurves ignores TextEntity.Plane property

I have succeeded in making curves out of a text entity, but the create curves method seems to ignore the plane that I put the text entity on. Is this a bug or by design? I created a plane for the text to display in the front view but it shows up in the top view. If I just display the text entity without using the create curves method, it shows in in front view, except rotated 90 degrees.
SimpleTextEntity.gh (7.1 KB)

I’ve made a little progress in that if I change the vector I make to create a plane so that I set X=0, Y=0, and Z=1, then the letter curves look as I would expect in the Top view

And if I change the vector so that X=1,Y=0,Z=0, The letter show correctly in the Right view

But the problem comes when I set X=0,Y=-1, and Z=0; Then it shows up rotated 90 degrees in the Front View. If I set Y=1 it is backwards and I understand that, but why the rotation in this particular view??

I can do funny things like setting X and Y both to 1 and then the letters show up correctly in the perspective view.