TextBox with Update Button

Hi Guys

I’m using a HumanUI in a grasshopper based Rhino Plugin.

Almost all of my model controls are done with TextBox inputs with ‘Update Button’ set to true:

I have two questions,

1/ Is it possible to add ‘OK’ or similar text to the update button? It is not obvious that the little box needs to be pushed to update the model.

2/ Is is possible to have a ‘global’ update button that updates all the text boxes with a single click? With the current setup if you do not actually hit the update button and say move to another tab the text box will stay with the new data but not actually feed it to the GH script.

What I would like to end up with is something like this:

OK - I answered the second question myself:

Changed the value listeners to manual with a trigger and added button to trigger the updates.

SWEET AS! as us Kiwis say.