Text whiting out

I am in heavy drafting mode, so continue to notice “weird” occurrences.

Current issue: I have been drafting plans…going between model and layout space, revising some geometry and drafting in layouts.

The text I put into layouts is “whiting out” – the text goes away and only the mask is left. When I try Seltext it is not highlighted.

If I click on the mask where the text was I can change the annotation style to something different and it comes back. I can then change again back to what it was originally and it is fixed.

The text was in lower left.
I change the style to something different then back again and it works. But has happened a couple times in space of a few minutes.

Hi Clint - are you referring to the mask behind the text coming and going or the text itself turns white? Anyway, sounds like a re-boot might not hurt, if this just popped up.


Will do, and I noticed an upgrade notification came in anyway.
The text just disappeared, as if I deleted it by accident, but the mask was left behind.