Text to support "tab" please

Can you please add support for tabulation in the text objects?

The editor supports it, but the text object doesn’t, and that makes making “pretty” lists difficult.



My workaround for this was to make each column a separate text object, but when I had to edit the list it was a nightmare.
It would be nice if PictureFrame would accept a spreadsheet or text document as input, then we could edit the external document and it would automatically update.

Any update about this?!?
I’ ve found another Post from old Rhino Discussion where @mary mention this to be filed as a feature request. Still on the list?

Hi Luca,
Thanks for checking in.
It is still on the Feature list. I made a note that you were asking for it.

The YT RH-19590 is open for you to view. You can register on the Youtrack site and add any additional comments for the developers.

Mary Ann Fugier

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