Text to curves that will work with Shapediver

I have tried 2 different C-Script componets to convert text to curves, but when i try and upload the definition to Shapediver I receive the following error below.
I am guessing this is due to the scripts not being allowed, any suggestions on text to curves within Shapediver?

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Your model contains scripts that could not be validated for use on ShapeDiver. This could be because of one or several reasons described in this documentation article.

If you are not sure about what causes the problem or how to circumvent it, please describe the issue on the forum. We’ll do our best to help you adapt your model successfully!

(Ref: 734ec782-d51b-43e3-8475-7c5cfcb41e27)

C#, VB or Python scripts are allowed but they need to be checked as explained here. We developed the whole workflow for making meshes from text optimised for web applications, see below. MeshGrammarMaker.ghx contains text-to-curves C# script that works if you need only curves.

Thank you