Text stacking

I love that we now have stacked fractions, i.e. 1/2" showing as ½" (although even more so), but it seems that Rhino is a little too aggressive with this behavior, as dates now also stack. Any way this could be something we could choose to set explicitly rather than it being automagic?


Hi Sam - thanks for the report… stacking has apparently been broken in the latest builds here - does not work at all, but I will take a look when that is working again and see if we can get this sorted out.


Nice. Thanks for the very polite report.
At one time I had so that if you wanted something stacked in text (not in dimensions) you needed to type About [[1/2]] as much to get the 1/2 to stack.

That still works for non-numbers like [[a/b]], but it was suggested that the [[ ]] shouldn’t be needed and I didn’t see the 12/25/2016 case when I changed it.

Does it seem like a good rule would be to not stack if there are multiple ‘/’ characters without a space, or is it better to require the [[ ]] to get stacking in text?

I’ve seen people entering dates as 22/11-16 so you’ll at least need a way to be able to override the stacking. If you ask me…

Are you suggesting that it would be better to have some kind of delineation to force not stacking than one to force stacking?
I really don’t know what to choose. I thought [[ ]] was a good idea, and I’ve since learned it’s too clunky.
And it seems unlikely to be able to handle all of the cases that might show up

If it were my party alone, I would think the [[ ]] rule would be a good one, but hard to find for those who don’t know. I think I would want to see a stack button in the text editor (next to fx, °, R, Diameter, +/-). I do feel that it doesn’t want to be automatic, or at least there should be a way to disable it.

Whoa, and I just found zero suppression! :+1:

How would you like it if highlighting some text with a ‘/’ in it and pressing the Stack button put [[ ]] around the selected text?

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I would be good with this, and to me would make sense; but I’m not sure I have the keenest sense of good UI design, so my opinion might not carry a lot of weight.

Your opinion carries a lot of weight

How about [[ ]] disables stacking if the global stacking option is on and visa versa.

That could be done I guess.
I’d like to keep it as simple as possible and still solve the problem.
The button to add stacking would be good because the [[ ]] stuff is pretty non-standard and hard to discover.
And, it’s a per dimstyle property, not global, so it could get confusing if on some text it prevented and on some text it caused stacking

I’m not sure if this is still on topic but I would use stacking (if that is what we can call that) mostly when working with areas and volumes where ^2 and ^3 will be elevated…

I would consider this superscript, which would also be handy (along with subscript), and would love to see this as well, as I don’t think fraction stacking would address it. So, all we want Lowell is a full on word program in Rhino :wink: You give us an inch and we take a mile every time.

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Yea, sorry for adding mud to the clear picture!

Subscript and superscript are just in as place-holders so far. When we get things a little more smoothed out we’ll try for that.

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We’ve got a button to stack text now. It will need some tuning, but it seems to be going in the right direction. Typing [[ ]] around text works too.