Text panel editor double-click selection

The GH1 double-click selection behavior in the text panel editor is mildly unexpected

I would expect it to behave like most other familiar text editors including the discourse editor for example:

this is normal = three words
this_is_normal = one word
this\is\good = three words
this.is.annoying = expect three words, selects as one
this-is-weird = three words, but includes hyphens

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Actually I think the first line selection is also not normal.
The spaces should not be considered part of the word.

about the this.is.annoying - I consider this correct. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I missed that one.

Where else have you seen this behavior?

I just had a quick look in a few places and it’s not as unusual as i first thought.

Dot treated as word separator (how i think it should be treated):

  • Rhino text dialogue
  • Rhino Notes
  • VSCode
  • Visual Studio
  • Notepad++
  • Grasshopper scripting components (Python, C# VB)

dot treated as letter:

  • Notepad
  • everywhere on the Grasshopper canvas
  • cmd.exe
  • powershell
  • rhino layer names
  • windows file explorer file/folder names

i’d like to see text panels in the first category

we namespace our files and layers like this:








so modifying layer names or file names is just a bit annoying without the being able to select words between dots easily.

I’m pretty sure this is what they call a papercut, so not going to hurt anyone, but if david picks it up and fixes it i’ll be 0.1% more relaxed at work :sunglasses:

Windows Explorer filenames selection :wink:

It’s just the default Windows text selection behaviour that comes with winforms TextBoxes. I’m not doing anything there. It may already behave differently out of the box with Eto textboxes, but I’ve logged it under RH-53241 so I hopefully won’t forget to check when this becomes testable.

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Thanks that’s good enough for me. :+1:

Btw jetbrains link gives me a 404 error. I assume that’s because it’s not public?

Ach, yeah I forgot to make it public.