Text on Surface

Is there any possibility to create a text on a planar surface?

decals, or move the text to the surface. for text you may have to use the draw order bring to front etc.

Thank you for quick response. I believe I have mis-explained my request…

See screenshot for my model file. I am looking for a script and/or plugin that creates the text automatically on the surface I click…

thats pretty open, would you need the text to be editable and/or what else would you expect from such a script? only planar surfaces or does it involve curved surfaces?

Thank you for your reply. I need just an editable text on only planar surfaces

you can do this manually by setting the cplane to the surface:
_cplane _surface
or combine everything in the macroEditor:
_CPlane _Surface _pause _enter _enter _Text _pause _cplane _undo

hope that helps, -tom


i wanted to suggest that and save the makro for myself either, you were faster :smiley:

Thank you all. Is there also a possibility to have always same X direction after selecting planar surface to avoid as on screenshot …