Text on Hidden Layers

Hey Andrew,

Wondering if this is a known issue or possibly a bug to be solved (see attached files):

When using the Dynamic Geometry Pipeline and Text Object Info components, if text objects are on a layer that is initially hidden (from the file’s saved state), their contents are shown as “empty” via Text Object Info. Making the layer visible and recomputing the GH solution solves this.

Interestingly, if I open the same file, but make the layer in question visible before running the definition, the text content still reads “empty”, but if I show the layer, save the file in that new state, re-open it and run the definition, the definition works seamlessly. Apologies if any of this is difficult to follow - let me know if you need any clarification.

All my tests were done exiting the application entirely between file openings.

I don’t believe that this was an issue for Human with Rhino 5. Any ideas?

HumanTest.3dm (25.5 KB)
HumanTest.gh (18.6 KB)