TEXT Object Dialogue Layout is Wrong

First thing, why is there no dedicated Bugs / Features section in this forum ?


The box where text is entered becomes obscured when the font selection dropdown is open.
This makes it tedious to preview how the text will look as you select different fonts.

Proposed Solution:
Move the text entry box to the top of the Form so it does not become obscured

Hello - yes, thanks, I see that … just looking at this now, obscuring the text seems secondary to updating it on the fly to the selected font - currently nothing changes anyway until the font is selected and the dropdown disappears. But, yeah, having the dropdown underneath makes a lot more sense…

…and so does showing the user text while the dropdown is open with the font that is currently under the mouse cursor as the user moves it up and down the dropdown list (mouseover, no clicking). I think most computers today can handle this responsively with no problem.

Exactly, thanks for adding that.
I was hoping it would do that now but it does not, it’s a must have feature I would think.

Yep, thanks that is on the pile as well and linked to the item I just made.