Text mess...(& why does the original title here have to be longer..?)

I’m sorry, but how is this helpful (pic below)?

What I was trying to do was to paste a index of stuff into a title page of a drawing (in model space - I don’t use the paper space thing)
So i created that in word 6 (yes, I know…) and pasted it into rhino’s text dialogue
The actual text in model space is fine, its the right height , but it loses its formatting, even after its been run thru notepad to strip any word codes, and formatted again (just tab stops) in rhino’s dialogue.

But how can i even work when the page looks like the screenshot?

I’m actually working in V5, but I thought maybe i could use V6 just for this one thing, but honestly…

so disappointing…


Hi Rabbit - what happens if you stretch the dialog wider?


have you tried using a monospaced font?

Here are a couple more screen shots which hopefully shows the problem more clearly.
I dont thnk it is to do with the font, and if I stretch the dialog wider, it just goes wider…

The problem is I think that the default text height for the editor is way too big; I can find no way of changing it…?


I noticed text was showing up large in the text edit box just before we finished for the holidays