Text is not displayed in rendered mode in Rhino 6


(Jamesrancho66) #1

I’ve encountered a problem about “Screen-oriented Text” in Rhino 6. Nothing is displayed in rendered view, but it’s working in the other view mode. I’ve checked the options in rendered view but nothing changed. Have you met the same problem like this?


(Andrew Heumann) #2

This is not a bug, this is a change in how Rhino 6 rendered view treats Grasshopper geometry - only explicitly “rendered” geometry from the custom display component will show in a rendered viewport - note that even a normal grasshopper text tag does not display in the rendered viewport.


Thanks for the reply @andheum, any Suggestions on how to get GH text to show up in Rendered view?

(Andrew Heumann) #4

You can’t. The GH/Rhino developers would have to make fundamental changes to allow this. The only mechanism now would be to convert your text to outlines (scripts floating around or use wombat) and make surfaces from those and add them to a custom preview component - this is liable to be a bit slow and may not look great.

(Andrew Heumann) #5

for the record it seems this has changed in newer versions of rhino 6?