"Text" is extremely slow

I encountered this same problem and the test command fixes the sluggishness when selecting text — but as soon as I select any dimension annotations the sluggishness returns and breaks the test command until I run the test command again.

Is there a similar test command for dimension text?

Hi Michael,

Can you explain what you mean by “breaks the test command”?


It’s like the spell check gets re-engaged and the software starts to freeze again whenever I select a dimension or text object. I can run the test command again to get the text selection back to normal speed, but if i go to select a dimension the sluggishness returns.

So you confirm that spell checking is off and it turns itself on again after you select a dimension?

Are you restarting Rhino after disabling the spell checker?

Are you on Windows? If so there’s a new release candidate that may improve things.

I will try to reproduce your issue.

Apologies for the delay in updating you, my notifications on this thread were not set properly – I can confirm that the new SR candidate (7.19.22137.7001, 2022-05-17) has fixed the issue for both multiline text and dimension text. Thanks!

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