Text input - Shape diver

Hello! I have created a gate in Grashopper where I display three different geometries. I am struggling as I want to show a specific text in SD for each of the different gates. I cannot find the way to filter and show it properly … Could anyone support? Thank you so much in advance!

The native Value List component allows you to define names of options in Grasshopper and it appears in ShapeDiver as a dropdown. You can use it in combination with Stream Filter or List Item components to select corresponding geometry.

Learn more about ShapeDiver inputs in this tutorial, source file is available for download in the video description:

Thank you Pavol! Really appreciate your reply. I have used that already, my issue comes when I want to display text for each of these gates in the stream filter. I cannot manage to do that … imagine: 1st option with one figure and text on top of figure, 2nd option …same, third same (different texts?

Just use another Stream Filter for the text tags controlled by the same Value List.

value list filter.gh (19.9 KB)

I have already used the gate, but my issue comes when I want to display the first and second text input for one geometry, and for another geometry just the first text input (for example). See attached picture:

This doesn’t seem to be problem related to ShapeDiver Text Input and I’m not entirely sure that I follow the logic from your screenshot. Maybe it’s time to step back and try some tutorials first.