Text in Title Varies

Have noticed this for a while, I have a title block template, used generically across my drawings, each project has different notes typed in to the General Notes space. In layout space it fits fine, in print/pdf preview it seems to extend out of the area, and viewed in the final PDF it is different again ? very confusing :thinking:

Hello - does it make any difference if the print uses raster or vector? Yeah… I see it here - vector is goofy, raster looks correct to me…
Here the prints are consistent in Vector but the preview depends on how big the preview window is - smaller print preview = more overflow, but the print is not affected.


Unfortunately, this is really hard to get just right in vector output. The bug is known and I’ll continue to work on this.

@stevebaer @pascal yes I always need vector output, it’s frustrating having to guess if the text is going to stay inside the boundary of the boxes in the title template, hopefully can be finally fixed soon :wink:

Rhino PDF output is a little different than the other printers and PDF printers. You may have a little better luck with one over the other.

hi Steve, yes I’ve tried Rhino PDF, Bullzip PDF & Microsoft PDF, with each the text moves and gives false placement, I can work with it for now :+1: , hopefully you guys can solve the riddle soon :slight_smile: