Text in Polyline


I feel a bit ashamed, but I can’t find the function to convert text into a poly line again.

Thanks, Jens

Hi Jens - Explode will make a curve(s) from text, but not necessarily a polyline.


Thank you, Pascal

Hi Jens - it may make different curves than the result of TextObject with the same text and font - it might be worth experimenting. I suspect the TextObject curves may be better.


HI Pascal

My last Rhino class is a while ago. Therefor, often I remember there is a function, but I can’t find it - even sometimes not with google. Any recommendation not to waste so much time?


Hi Jens - you can type what you think it is at the command line - if tyou can remember part of it, autocomplete will give you some options to choose from.


Thank you, Pascal. Maybe I should take an individual coaching once in a while to get an advice how to do …