Text in pdf file disappears?

I have tried to import/open several .pdf files, all of them seem to lose all text entries. I have been stupid enough to tell the import dialog not to show up again, but I remember that there was something about text there. Can someone tell me please if there is an option to import text from a .pdf, and/or tell me how to get the dialog back.


Check out the Help topic for Import PDF.

Sorry Margaret, I cannot find the subject. The MacRhino menu Help refers me to the Rhino5 Help pages, but the instructions there do not match OSX. I tried the MacRhino User Guide, but it produces nothing on a search for pdf.


You should be able to find the subject. How did you search for it?

Look here: http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/fileio/pdf_pdf_ai_eps_import.htm

However, of course, you are right. The method for turning the setting back on is different on the mac.

@marlin, can you jump in here? I need to know.

In the next WIP release, the Open and Save dialogs will have an Options button that will let you access the import or export Options dialog for each of the file types.

To turn off the “Never show this dialog” button, you would select the PDF file format in the Open dialog, then click the Options button. The Import PDF Options dialog will appear, and you can change the settings again.