Text in Block

So in the V6 if you have text inside blocks and the place the blocks on different planes the text doesn’t show up. This doesn’t seem right to me. I know text on it’s own is supposed to do that but seems like text inside a block shouldn’t do that.

Text in Blocks.3dm (35.4 KB)

I’m not seeing this issue here in your file so I made a block with text in v5 and imported it as well as making the same in v6 directly and neither case had the problem. This is what I see here…

Can you check your display mode settings for the views where the text is missing? It’s as if Show Annotations is off but you still have the rectangle in these views so just check that the display mode is set to the defaults as a quick test. Also run the SystemInfo command and send back that info here please.

Huh annotations do seem to be on.

Here is the system info.
RhinoSysInfo.txt (1.6 KB)

Thanks for checking on the annotation setting.

The GPU driver is from '13 so that may be the cause but I’ll need to get @stevebaer and @jeff in on this one to check if they have any thoughts on whether I’m right. Any ideas guys? I know block display is undergoing some changes.

Yeah I can try updating it to see if that helps.

Do you think these two issues are related?

I suppose it’s possible. I see that bug too here but the text disappears in all the views after an edit rather than just the ortho views.

Yeah it disappears in all views on my machine as well. So I guess they could be different issues. Updating the driver now I will let you know if that changes anything.

I’ve logged a bug for this at

I haven’t had time to investigate yet, but this bug will force me to at some point in the near future

It’s on the pile here too:

I suspect it has to do with the big structural change of storing the annotation overrides on the object instead of in a shared style.

@BrianJ @stevebaer
So download the version released today (I think) and i don’t see the issue with the text not showing in the views.

But if I edit the block then edit the text it still disappears from the other post.

The bug is not fixed yet, but the developer has it “open”.

Understand just wanted to let you know that at least one of my issues has gone away.

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