Text Grips - Potential Bugs?

I’m not sure the grips on text objects are being placed in the correct place. If they are I am not sure the logic is quite right.

This is the default:

If we then change to the centre vertical:

If we then un-select and re-select we get (which looks correct to me):

As I interpret it the first grip dictates the insertion point of the text. And the second allows control of the text size? So the second grip is always trying to be in the vertical centre of the text, which is what happens if you unselect and select the text object. When you change the texts vertical alignment the text is redrawn with the insertion point remaining the same and the text jumps around to reflect the change all good so far. But then the second grip goes wild trying to work out where it should be but it looks like it is using the previous location of the text before the alignment was changed to determin its location? See the video for the wild party grip https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/5/1/51671916f559b3293e22fcc8c8b94fbdd3cc303a.mp4

This can lead to some interesting results, if you move the second grip after a resize without re-selecting the text object then you can get a result where both the new resized text is being draw and the old text. Which will only resolve its self if the text is re-selected. But even this behaviour is inconstant… (EDIT: To repeat this change from one horizontal alignment to another and resize without unselecting the text)


Bug 2? Some combinations of alignments cause the grips to disappear all together, try going from H-Right V-Centre to H-Centre V-Centre. This one has the added issue of the object does not then deselect when the background is clicked, you have to select another object and then click the background to unselect it. (esc or selNone do not unselect it either)

Below is my personal opinion on how the grips should work so interpret as you like:
For me, the grip placement should be defined by the vertical placement only:

Top Vertical aligned should be:

Centre Vertical aligned should be:

Bottom Vertical aligned should be:

Then the horizontal alignment just changes which grip controls the size and which grip is the insertion point. For central alignment a third grip is added in the centre for the insertion point and both the other points allow for text resize.

And most importantly when you change between the types the text should not move only the grips! I know this is more work/code in terms of changing the text alignment as it will have to include a move under the hood. But it should simplify the grip drawing process so its much more reliable.

I might also add, the gumball allows movement of the grips which otherwise would not be allowed…