Text file export feature?

Hi All,
I would like to have a possibility to export text files. I need specifically .hop file format. It can be opened with text editor. Currently, when using SDExportEmail and plugging text to geometry input ShapeDiver give an error: “Sorry, there is no data to be exported for these parameter settings.” in the browser.

Use cases: very useful when generating proprietary g-code files for cnc machines. In our case the panel’s files contain data of both milling and drilling as well as data for label.

Thanks in advance.

If you send your text lines into a Panel object, you can enable ‘streaming’ from the panel to a file. Just enable the feature and specify a destination with the *.hop extension.

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Hello David. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of various ways of exporting text directly in grasshopper but what I need is a text file generated and downloaded directly from the browser. I am creating internal company library that can be used by multiple coworkers who dont have any knowlede about rhino and grasshopper.

thak you - help me - cool!!!