Text editor in properties windows, not working so good here

Trying to edit text from this window is troublesome. Yesterday every time I hit the space bar it would send the next character into the command line, today it’s just makes everything disappear and hang. and missed strokes typed after that event.

I have a similar problem using V5 on Windows at work.


Hi Gustavo - I see this here as well - thanks for the report.



Do you see this in V5 or WIP?
I’ve been trying to duplicate it for a while and haven’t been able to

for me was on WIP. Let me check again…

…It’s working fine now :slightly_smiling: . If that changes I’ll report bad.

Great - Thanks.
I think it must have to do with something not directly related to the dialog but I don’t have an idea where to look.
Especially since it’s been seen in both v5 and WIP and the dialogs are different, it may be a side effect of something else.
Pascal saw it intermittently too, but not reliably.

Same problem here with last wip… any news from developers?

Yep, see that too… —Mitch

Thanks Mitch :+1: was thinking the problem was only on my pc.
Looking in the BugTracker, Lowell say that he cannot reproduce the problem…

Then there must be something wrong with Lowell’s PC :wink:
Same thing happens here - any text results in only one letter when editing text from the properties tab.

Ah! Correct! :wink:

Thanks, I see this too. Filed as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-34591

I got my computer fixed and I see it now too.

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