Text display artifacts in viewports

See screenshot. Latest WIP.
When printing to PDF, text appears fine.

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testtext.3dm (36.3 KB)

what version of the wip are you using? (help>about rhino)

what font is this using?

This is graphics driver specific bug that we see on occasion. If you run the “TestGlyphy” command, you can toggle off the default code that we use to draw text.

Does the text look ok until you zoom in very close to it?

The font is Arial.
Rhino WIP version is 6.0.17227.1415, the latest.
The artifacts do not depend on the zoom level.

testglyphy indeed makes the artifacts disappear. It obviously switches to some pixel viewport representation of the text.
However, there are some minor artifacts as well, a pixel row/column seems to be cut off on some letters. Unimportant, I assume.

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