Text color


is it possible to have in text window, possibility of color change.

to change color of a text we have to create text, and after pass in property tab, and change color. color of text can be in two tab, object property and text property, isn’t it?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - hmmm - but should all object properties be available during object creation? If color were part of the annotation style, I could see how this might make sense, but since it is not, I’m not sure if just changing that would be a good thing…



ok, i’m french and i’m sur i can’t understand all that you want to say.
but i use rhino V6, not in design job or freelance work, but in a industrial work…
i have to make a lot of paper for hand maker, and they have to understande what i have to explain…
with color it’s simply for me!!