Text bug issue

  1. The text displaying in rhino from grasshopper is not in a straight line. For some text input it’s in straight line and for some other text it is slightly moving up and down. I don’t know whether it is a bug.

Gh file attached. forum.gh (82.3 KB)

Not sure how debug your script with password protected clusters, but the general observation is that the height of text varies and your plane aligns roughly through the middle of your text. I hope this helps.

Glyphs with rounded lower and upper extents (0 3 6 8 c C G J o O Q) dip very slightly below the baseline (“overshoot”) to create the optical illusion that they sit on the baseline, and rise above the x-height or capital height to create the illusion that they have the same height as flat glyphs (such as those for H x X 1 5 7). Peter Karow’s Digital Typefaces suggests that typical overshoot is about 1.5%

source: Baseline (typography) - Wikipedia